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Unlocking Your True Potential by Rav Dror Paperback

Unlocking Your True Potential is the spiritual gasoline you need to climb to the next level. Whether you're a life-long wisdom seeker, or new on the path of spiritual discover, Rav Dror has the wisdom to take you where you want to go.

Many people can stay stuck on their spiritual level for any number of reasons, whether it be lack of motivation or mental barriers that prevent their growth. Unlocking Your True Potential contains vital advice on these topics to help your overcome whatever is holding you back -- and reach the greatest achievement of them all: a revealed connection with your soul.

- Highly motivational/ inspirational
- Solves emotional/ mental barriers
- 54 chapters on important topics
- Chapters are main conclusions from Rav Dror's lessons
- Easy accessible writing style
- 188 pages

After over twenty years of intense spiritual work and dedication, Rav Dror's advices is well tuned to help people seeking spiritual growth and self-improvement.  Unlocking Your True Potential gathers the main conclusions from Rav Dror's lectures in the most transformational experience. You can't afford NOT to have this book. Don't be stuck in the cycles that are holding you back, buy this book and level-up.