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Rabbi Yehuda Fatiyah - Famous Kabbalist - 4"x6" Postcard

Rabbi Yehuda Fatiyah was a famous Kabbalist. He was the main student of the Ben Ish Chai in Bhagdad before immigrating to Israel. He authored many Kabbalistic books and was an expert in the subjects of reincarnation, exorcism, amulets, dream interpretation, and on the Kabbalah of the Arizal. Add his holy and powerful energy to your home or office with his picture portrait.

These postcards are made from thick high-quality matte paper.
• Cardboard paper
• Paper weight: 7.67–10.32 oz/yd² (260–350 g/m²)
• Size: 4″ × 6″ (101 × 152 mm)
• Paper thickness: 0.013″ (0.34 mm)
• Coated outer surface
• Blank product materials sourced from Sweden, US, Brazil, or China