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Book of The Worlds by Rav Dror Paperback

Book of the Worlds explains the purpose of the our lives according to Ancient Jewish wisdom and answer's humanities oldest questions.

Rav Dror, based on years of learning and insight, proposes answers to these questions and more, touching on the essence of the soul's purpose and mission. The ancient wisdom of Judaism is very deep and it remains hidden to most, but with this book, Rav Dror efforts to reveal much which is hidden.

This book opens the path to allow any honest seeker to find the deep answers to the purpose of the world according to ancient Jewish sources including the Torah, Hebrew Bible, Midrash, Zohar, and more. Come on a journey of discovery, that starts with the beginning of Creation, shares the answers that will result in the healing and repair of our world, and will ultimately bring redemption for all of mankind.

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