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Judaism And The Occult (Jewish Wisdom Series)

Judaism And The Occult: The Intriguing History and Modern Significance (Jewish Wisdom Series)

Let's remember what I have written elsewhere about Jewish dogma. There isn't any! Both Scripture and the Talmud are vague about what we would call theology, concentrating more on our actions and on what God expects of us. In this booklet, I will examine the understandings of occult activities, and whether or not they are permissible. I will also examine the question that, if they are permissible, are they advisable from a Torah standpoint.

Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi s”t, is in fact a pen name. The author has decided to release his book under an assumed name since the information in this book is controversial, and loaded with hot-button topics. As described in the book, most rabbis would not only shy away from these issues but would also shun anyone who raises them. Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi is a brilliant Torah scholar with a wide array of knowledge in many areas including Torah, Talmud, halacha, world history, and Jewish History. The Rabbi has studied and corresponded with some of the greatest Torah minds of both this generation and the previous one. His source-based approach, wide knowledge base, and unique life experience lend a perspective like none-other in this day and age.

24 Pages