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Jewish Wisdom Series Complete Set

Jewish Wisdom Series Complete Set

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The Jewish Wisdom Series is an ongoing project to publish the works on various topics in Judaism by the righteous scholar Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi S"T. To date, there are 5 books in the series:

-Strangers?: Defining a Jewish Convert, Their Status And An Exposition On The Current "Conversion Crisis"
118 pages

-The Messiah: Jewish Perspectives Through the Lens of Scripture, Talmud, History, and Ongoing Controversies
51 pages

-The Law of the Land: Legitimacy of Government According to the Torah With a Focus on the State of Israel
25 pages

-Torah: For The Nations?: Historically Impossible, Presently Feasible; But Should Torah Be Stared With the World?
26 pages

-Judaism and the Occult: The Intriguing History and Modern Significance
24 pages

Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi S”T, is in fact a pen name. The author has decided to release his books under an assumed name since the information in these books is controversial, and loaded with hot-button topics. Most rabbis would not only shy away from these issues but would also shun anyone who raises them. Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi is a brilliant Torah scholar with a wide array of knowledge in many areas including Torah, Talmud, halacha, world history, and Jewish History. The Rabbi has studied and corresponded with some of the greatest Torah minds of both this generation and the previous one. His source-based approach, wide knowledge base, and unique life experience lend a perspective like none-other in this day and age.

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