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Tefillin Peshutim (Sefardi & Ashkenazi)

These Tefillin have "thin housings," meaning the outer boxes are made from a single piece of thin leather that is folded and glued in a unique manner. The average lifespan is seven to ten years, but this can be extended to up to twenty years when properly maintained. These Tefillin are a cost-effective option and perfect for those who aren't able to buy "Gassot" Tefillin, which are constructed much more sturdily and will last a lifetime, but cost significantly more. 

These Tefillin undergo Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum's detailed checking process and are finished in his factory in Jerusalem.

They come with:

  • Sturdy plastic covers
  • Additional covering the arm tefila
  • Straps individually tied to your tradition ordered
  • Photocopy of the actual parshiot inside
  • Kashrut report

Shipping is possible to almost any country in the world. When your order is shipped we email you the package ID number for online tracking. You have a choice of three shipping methods with the following estimated delivery times to the USA and western Europe:

  • eCommerce Standard Air: Estimated delivery 6 - 10 weeks. Signature required for delivery. Packages are NOT insured. Customer assumes responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivery. FOR PACKAGES UP TO 2 KILO ONLY.
  • EMS Priority Mail Service: Estimated delivery 7 - 15 business days. Packages are NOT insured. Customer assumes responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivery. Signature required for delivery.
  • DHL-Israel Express Export: Estimated delivery 3 - 5 business days. Fully insured. Signature required for delivery.

Shipping anywhere in Israel via courier for $27 for each package up to 6 kg. Delivery time is 1 to 2 business days.

Effective Jan. 15, 2023 Israeli government requires tax free/export documentation on all orders valued $250 or above, including shipping. A $20 surcharge for this is included in the shipping price.

Because each religious item carries rabbinic supervision, returns are not accepted.