Kosher Mezuzot & Tefillin

Tefillin and Mezuzot are significant objects in one's life, but acquiring Kosher Tefillin and Mezuzot can be a challenge. There are literally thousands of laws dictating how they are made and written; any careless mistakes in the manufacturing process could render them disqualified for religious use. Because of the many unscrupulous and less-than-trustworthy sellers of these holy objects, we've partnered with a highly reputable vendor to offer holy objects you can be completely confident in. All the Tefillin and Mezuzot offered at the Emunah Store are supervised by Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum, a true expert with a world-renowned reputation for selling Scribal work of the highest standard of Kashrut. 

While prices here will be higher than other online retailers, please be warned that Tefillin and Mezuzot listed at bargain prices are more than likely unfit for religious use. This is the disappointing truth. Paying a bit more and sourcing from our store guarantees the highest level of religious supervision and quality. These are religious items used to fulfill the Torah, made to last a lifetime. If anything's worth spending extra money on, it's this.

Ordering Info

We offer Tefillin and Mezuzot written according to three of the most popular traditions in use today:

  • Sefardic "Vellish" - is generally used by those who follow Sefardic tradition and descends from the scripts used by Jews in lands from Spain, through and beyond the Middle East. It incorporates elements in letter construction from Arizal's kabbalistic instructions. It is recommended by Emunah Projects advisor in Jewish Law, Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi.

  • Ashkenazi "Beis Yosef" - is generally used by those who follow Ashkenazi traditions from Eastern Europe and descends from the ornate and detailed scripts traditionally used by Jews in European lands.

  • Ashkenazi "Ari Zal" (Nusach S'fard) - is generally used by those following Hassidic traditions from Western European lands. This script combines traditional Ashkenazic script with elements of Arizal's kabbalistic instructions for letter design.

All of the scripts have holy and ancient roots and are kosher to the highest standards according to their respective traditions. If you have any questions about which to choose, email us at

Optional Elegance Additions

Some products are offered at different levels of elegance. A higher level of elegance will include more exacting, beautiful handwriting, and more precise craftsmanship. These levels may be desired by those who can afford to beautify their Mitzvot. Still, it's important to stress that even the "lowest" level offered is entirely kosher to a very high standard and level of craftsmanship.


The Mezuzot offered range between 10-12cm in height and come with optional weatherproof cases. For help with Mezuzot placement and other inquiries, email with your questions.


We strongly recommend Tefillin Gassot (the most premium and durable Tefillin construction available) they come in the standard 33mm box size and come with 14-15mm wide straps tied according to the tradition ordered. For those who need an economical option, we offer Tefillin Peshutim which are significantly less durable and less long lasting.

Shipping & Returns

These products are shipped from Israel. Shipping is possible to almost any country in the world. When your order is shipped we email you the package ID number for online tracking. You have a choice of three shipping methods with the following estimated delivery times to the USA and western Europe:

  • eCommerce Standard Air: Estimated delivery 6 - 10 weeks. Signature required for delivery. Packages are NOT insured. Customer assumes responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivery. FOR PACKAGES UP TO 2 KILO ONLY.
  • EMS Priority Mail Service: Estimated delivery 7 - 15 business days. Packages are NOT insured. Customer assumes responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivery. Signature required for delivery.
  • DHL-Israel Express Export: Estimated delivery 3 - 5 business days. Fully insured. Signature required for delivery.

Delivery within Israel in 1-2 via courier service is possible with a shipping cost of $27.

As stated above, because this product ships directly from the rabbi's factory in Israel, please place all Mezuzah & Tefillin orders together without other products as our shipping system cannot calculate shipping from multiple locations.

Please Note

Effective Jan. 15, 2023 Israeli government requires tax free/export documentation on all orders valued $250 or above, including shipping. A $20 surcharge is included in the shipping price of your order and refunded if your order is exempt from this documentation.

Because each religious item carries specific rabbinic supervision, returns are not accepted.