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Tefillin Gassot - Sefardi "Velish" (Elegance Lvl 7)

Tefillin Gassot have "thick housings," meaning the boxes are made from a single piece of thick hide that is slowly stretched and pressed into its square design of the course of several years. They are strong and durable and made to last for lifetime (or several). Tefillin Gassot are the ideal choice and best on the market. 

These Tefillin are written according to Sefardic "Velish" tradition and are certified kosher with an added level of elegance (Mehudar 7) by Rabbi Moshe Flumenbaum. The premium price point includes added precision of the handwriting on the scrolls, and near perfection in craftsmanship in all aspects of the tefillin. His checking process involves multiple rabbis and rabbinic organizations and he is world renowned for offering scribal work of the highest standard.

They come with:

  • Sturdy plastic covers
  • Additional covering the arm tefila
  • Straps individually tied to your tradition ordered
  • Photocopy of the actual scrolls inside
  • Kashrut report

Shipping is possible to almost any country in the world. When your order is shipped we email you the package ID number for online tracking. You have a choice of three shipping methods with the following estimated delivery times to the USA and western Europe:

  • eCommerce Standard Air: Estimated delivery 6 - 10 weeks. Signature required for delivery. Packages are NOT insured. Customer assumes responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivery. FOR PACKAGES UP TO 2 KILO ONLY.
  • EMS Priority Mail Service: Estimated delivery 7 - 15 business days. Packages are NOT insured. Customer assumes responsibility for loss, damage or delay in delivery. Signature required for delivery.
  • DHL-Israel Express Export: Estimated delivery 3 - 5 business days. Fully insured. Signature required for delivery.

Shipping anywhere in Israel via courier for $27 for each package up to 6 kg. Delivery time is 1 to 2 business days.

Effective Jan. 15, 2023 Israeli government requires tax free/export documentation on all orders valued $250 or above, including shipping.

Because each religious item carries rabbinic supervision, returns are not accepted.