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Strangers?: Defining a Jewish Convert, Their Status, and an Exposition on the Current "Conversion Crisis" (Jewish Wisdom Series)

The journey of the Jewish convert can be an arduous one. But why is that? The Torah requires us to "Love the convert" many times, yet those who seek the Torah's truth often find deadbolt-locked doors and a cold reception filled with questions and suspicion.

This book will take you on a journey, tracing conversion as it appears in the Torah, the Talmud, and its evolution through the ages. I will discuss the challenges and pitfalls encountered by prospective converts and even long-time converts, who have been part of the Jewish people for years. I wish to analyze where these challenges come from, why they came about, and what has led us here. I hope you will find these insights helpful.

118 pages

Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi S”T, is in fact a pen name. The author has decided to release his book under an assumed name since the information in this book is controversial, and loaded with hot-button topics. As described in the book, most rabbis would not only shy away from these issues but would also shun anyone who raises them. Rabbi Yaakov HaLevi is a brilliant Torah scholar with a wide array of knowledge in many areas including Torah, Talmud, halacha, world history, and Jewish History. The Rabbi has studied and corresponded with some of the greatest Torah minds of both this generation and the previous one. His source-based approach, wide knowledge base, and unique life experience lend a perspective like none-other in this day and age.