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Small Coin Pouch for Charity (Tzedaka)

Our Small Coin Pouch for Charity (Tzedaka) is a thoughtful and practical solution for remembering to give charity. This coin pouch is designed with a special purpose – to collect and preserve coins that will go to charity. We offer several beautiful design variations, all with "Tzedaka", the Hebrew word for charity, embroided on its face.

Product Description:

  • Compact and Convenient: The pouch's compact size, 3.5x4.5 in (9x11.5 cm) allows you to carry it easily in your pocket or Talit/Tefillin bag. Its convenient design ensures that you can contribute to charity whenever and wherever the opportunity arises.

  • Beautiful Design and Premium Material: Made from high-quality materials, this coin pouch is built to withstand everyday use.

  • Inspire Acts of Tzedaka (Charity): "Charity saves from death" is a famous Talmudic dictum and many other quotes emphasize the great spiritual importance of charity. The presence of this coin pouch serves as a reminder to engage in acts of Tzedaka (charity) regularly. By using it to collect spare change, you'll remember to fulfill the tremendous Mitzvah much more easily and frequently.

  • Ideal Gift: Our Small Coin Pouch for Charity (Tzedaka) makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for family, friends, or anyone passionate about Judaism. 

  • FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! We'll ship this bag anywhere in the world for free

Join us in our mission to spread kindness and help those in need with our Small Coin Pouch for Charity (Tzedaka). With its purposeful design and durable construction, it serves as a reminder of the power of small acts of giving and the profound impact they can have on the lives of others. Let's come together and make the world a better place, one coin at a time.