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Rebbe Nachman's Tales - 3 Book Series

Discover the timeless wisdom of Rebbe Nachman's Tales in this beautifully illustrated and accessible 3-book series.

  • Rav Dror has illustrated and adapted Rebbe Nachman's classic Hasidic tales
  • Filled with deep secrets and lessons from the Torah, made accessible for all ages
  • Carefully preserves the original stories as told by Rebbe Nachman over 200 years ago

Immerse yourself in Rebbe Nachman's imaginative stories that have been passed down for generations. These compelling tales, rich in meaning and metaphor, offer guidance for living a meaningful, spiritual life.

Give your family the gift of spending time together enjoying these classic tales. Parents and children alike will be captivated by the whimsical illustrations and eternal teachings of one of history's most beloved Jewish storytellers.

The Series Includes:
The Rabbi And His Only Son
A Miraculous Tale
The Prince Who Was Made of Gemstones