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Send Forth Your Bread

India Ink on acid-free Hahnemühle Paper
The book of Ecclesiastes stands out from the other books of the Bible by virtue of its despondent and fatalistic approach to life: “What profit have we from all the toil which we toil at under the sun?” But once every few pages appears a verse that seems to challenge the general gloom of the book: “Send forth your bread upon the face of the waters; after a long time you may find it again”. This is a wonderful example of such an unexpected verse, urging the reader to hand out his or hers fortune without directly expecting reimbursement. This verse could be seen as an implanted ethical message of kindness in a barren landscape of skepticism. But in my eyes, this verse is fully consistent with Ecclesiastes’ philosophy. The arbitrariness of life, so well depicted by him, doesn’t necessarily imply a negation of any moral action. What I admire in his writings is exactly what this verse implies: creating space for grace in a world that seems at times to be senseless. This square calligraphy artwork is a representation of this seemingly paradoxical idea. The intertwined letters might insinuate a chaotic arrangement, but when one changes a perspective the beauty of the composition is revealed.

by  Gabriel Wolff

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