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Causeless Love (2018)

Hahnemühle Torchon 105lb textured fine-art paper
Fine-art print from a limited edition of 8
Signed and numbered by the artist
Includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity

Causeless love is a relatively new concept in Judaism. It was introduced by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook as an antonym to the concept of causeless hatred that is mentioned in the Talmud as the main cause of the destruction of the second temple. Rabbi Kook compares the two concepts and concludes: “and if we were destroyed, and the world was destroyed with us, because of causeless hate, we shall be rebuilt, and the world will be rebuilt with us, through causeless love”. The touching words of Rabbi Kook guided my thoughts and hands while creating this calligraphy piece. In light of the Hebrew letters’ potential to create the world, according to cabalistic Tradition, I’ve embarked on the journey proposed by Rabbi Kook, to rebuild ourselves through causeless love.

Gabriel Wolff

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