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Unlocking Your True Potential


Rav Dror's third book is here!

Unlocking Your True Potential is a truth seekers guide to unlock the hidden spiritual aspects of the soul.

Installed in every person is a holy soul. This soul is literally a piece of Heaven above. Every person is faced with a question during the course of their life. Will you choose to live a normal life, or will you choose to wake up to discover and fulfill the purpose of your life?

An honest seeker can use the tools and information in this book to discover the hidden treasures within them and to unlock their true potential. Dror Moshe Cassouto is a spiritual guide, author, recording artist, visual artist, father, and husband.

After over twenty years of intense spiritual work and dedication, he now spends his time coaching and spreading knowledge across the globe. One of his main pieces of advice is that a true connection to the Creator can only be found within, coupled with healthy self-esteem, sincerity, and honesty.

200 Pages

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