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The Aleph-Bet Book (Sefer HaMidot)

Drawing from the wisdom of the Talmudic Sages, Rebbe Nachman wrote this collection of over 2,600 aphorisms on all aspects of life to inspire himself in his own quest for spiritual perfection. The Aleph-Bet Book was one of the earliest works composed by Rebbe Nachman.

This new edition includes the original Hebrew text with facing English translation. The translation has been updated and fine-tuned with great attention to accuracy. Other new features include a Guide to this Book, detailing the history of the work and an explanation of its structure, and an expanded glossary of Hebrew terms. The original Table of Contents, organized according to the Hebrew alphabet (the aleph-bet), is followed by an English Index to Topics, allowing readers to quickly scan and locate aphorisms on specific subjects. Just as Rebbe Nachman referred to his Aleph-Bet Book as “my dearly beloved friend,” this elegant, hardcover edition is sure to make new friends among today’s readers.

Hardcover. 571 pages. Appendix.
Size: 6″ x 9″