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Return to Your Root by Rav Dror

Return to Your Root by Rav Dror

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Jewish sages have discussed and explored the topic of reincarnation since ancient times. In this new visionary book, Rav Dror Moshe Cassouto builds upon this ancient understanding with his own original and illuminating insights. These lessons are brought to the realm of practical action with guidance on how to live a life most closely aligned with one's true spiritual root.

By the end of this book, with help from Heaven, you will understand the importance of returning to your true self, how to actualize your Self, and how the Redemption of all humanity is tied to this concept of returning to one’s spiritual root. 

This book also has a section containing a collection of Rav Dror's lectures and writings. Some lessons are entirely his own understandings, while others explain, with rare clarity and simplicity, esoteric concepts found in Jewish mysticism.

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