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Likutey Moharan - Volume 15 : Part 2 - Lessons 73-125

The first authoritative English translation of Rebbe Nachman’s magnum opus, presented with facing punctuated Hebrew text, full explanatory notes, source references and supplementary information relating to individual lessons. With appendices of a variety of charts to assist the reader with the kabbalistic teachings found in the text.

This twelfth volume of the English Translation of Likutey Moharan begins part II of Rebbe Nachman's Magnum Opus. Nearly all of its one hundred and twenty -five lessons were taught between the summer of 1808, when the Rebbe returned from Lemberg and the fall of 1810, when he passed away.

Lessons 73-125.

Hardcover. Appendices and Charts.
Size: 6.5″ x 9.5″

Translated by Moshe Mykoff and Symchah Bergman

Notes by Chaim Kramer

Edited by Moshe Mykoff and Ozer Bergman